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09 October 2011 @ 07:40 pm

first time to actually post something x_x so i decided to post my first Kei one-shot fic XD

Title: Sound of Silence

Type: One-shot

Pairing: Inoo Kei x OC (Aoi Mimiko)

Sound of HIS Silence

Our car stopped at the party’s destination. I sighed, holding my best friend’s invitation. “Dance of a lifetime” was her theme, the reason why I was having second thoughts on coming. I never really liked “dancing” or maybe because I haven’t tried it ever since that day. Hearing music was difficult.

That’s me; Aoi Mimiko. I came from a noble family, but sometimes, I feel that I’m not because of my hmm, ‘impurities and imperfections’ as being a member of that kind of family. Don’t judge a book by its cover, though.

I got out of our car as our driver opened the door for me. I stared at Kimiko’s hotel. It was so decorated like she wanted it to be. I’m pretty sure if you’ll see it, Kimi will be the first one to ever come your mind.

Speaking of Kimi, I saw her in a pink and purple dress that flowed all the way to her knees. I smiled. My gift suited her perfectly. I never knew she took it seriously when I asked her to wear it on the first part of her party. She approached me.

“Mimi! I’m so glad you came!” I read her say, and then she embraced me. She gave me that nickname and I gave hers.

“of course, Kimi. I don’t want to miss your birthday for the world, you know.” I said when we broke the hug. She just smiled at me and led me inside.

I saw a lot of people. Probably most are friends of her parents. She introduced me to her guests, and I didn’t know why. But I feel somewhat happy because every time she introduces me as her best friend, there’s this proud feeling I see from her. That’s what I like about her. She accepted me for who I am.

“Oh and yea, Mimi, I want you to meet someone, the one I’m telling you about? You gotta know him!” I looked at her with a surprised face. “What?” she asked. I frowned a bit. “Oh, come on, Mimi! You’ve got to have fun for a little while, you know. Doesn't mean that you’re like that, you don’t have the right to have fun. Let’s just try. He’s a really nice guy. Just this once, please? If it won’t work, I’ll stop.” She then grinned at me. “Mimi?” I sighed but smiled reassuring her. “Okay then, Kimi. Just this once, okay?” “Yey!” she seemed excited? I shook my head.

“There he is. And ooh, he’s on his way here.”

“Yo, Kimi! Happy Birthday.” The guy gave her a present. Kimi smiled then embraced him.

“Thank you, Kei-nii. Oh, this is my best friend, Mimi.” She told the guy who smiled at me. “Kimi and Mimi huh?” he laughed amused. Kimi then faced me. “This is Inoo Kei.” “Inoo Kei? I think you mentioned him before from a famous group? Your cousin, am I right?” Kimi nodded then looked back at Kei. I didn’t know what she told him, but judging from Kei’s reaction seems like Kimi told him that I’m not really a fan of them, or know their music, that is. I felt ashamed. “Daijoubu,” I read Kei said. He then told something to Kimi that I didn’t catch and he left.

“He has something to do first. Sooner or later, he’ll come to you.” She giggled. I made a face. “Oh, come on!”

I saw myself already sitting in an empty table. My feet hurt with all the walking. How can Kimi bear all of it? She is so cute with everything she’s doing for her party, though.

The music seemed to start already, a little later when I noticed couples going all the way to the dance floor. They made me smile, even though I felt a little envious. I wonder what the feeling is like when you dance. They always seem to enjoy themselves. Without noticing, I put out my earphones, the blue thing that I never expected Kimi would give to me, and I placed them in my ears, knowing the difference. I just smiled at nowhere.

Suddenly, I felt someone sat a seat far from me on the same table. I looked at his direction and when I knew it was Kei, I didn’t continue to look. He was probably telling me something but I didn’t bother to look at him. I felt like I’m panicking inside with no particular reason at all. I never felt this nervous in my life. What’s with him?

Suddenly, I saw his hand reaching to the table napkin on our table. It made me look at him when he placed it lying on the table and got a blue pen from his pocket. What is he doing? Is he writing? On a table napkin? What’s going on? When he seems to finish, he looked at me then smiled. I was taken aback. Then he gave me the pen and the napkin.

Hi Mimi-chan.

I stared at the napkin then at Kei and he was motioning me to write back. I did and gave it back to him.

Hello, Kei-san.

You don’t have to address me like that. Our ages are just close, right? You can call me Kei :D

I laughed a bit.

Maa, you have to call me Mimi too, then. :P

We both laughed silently.

Sou desu? Mimi. It’s really cute… by the way, you feeling bored?

No. Why did you ask?

He smiled at me as I gave back the napkin. After reading it, he got another table napkin and started writing again.

Because you were sitting alone here, listening to something while others are dancing. Don’t you want to…dance?

I don’t think dancing will like me.

Why not? Have you tried it?

I haven’t. I just can’t seem to get along with music.

Eh? What are listening to anyway?

It’s a special song.

Really? What’s it called?

Hmm… Silence. :P

I heard him laughed a bit which made me smile.

Can I hear it, then?


Why not? ):

This time I was the one who laughed. I got another table napkin since there was no space again.

I’m embarrassed.

You shouldn’t be. I’m a music lover. I know you know that so I’ll love whatever music is played there.

Really? Whatever music?

Hai. I wanna hear that special song. :D

After reading his last message, I gulped. I looked at him and sat beside him. I looked down and gave him my blue earphones. When he listened, he looked at me with an expected reaction. 

“There’s nothing on, Mimi.” I read him say.

I smiled at him and signed to him, “I can’t hear,” while I mouthed it to him. He was still confused. Of course, he heard me speak a while ago.

“Kei, I am deaf. I am one of the few people in the Deaf Community who can lip read and speak spoken language but even so, I can’t hear.” I looked at him after I finished signing while speaking then I also looked at the people who were dancing. I sighed. “That’s why I can’t and don’t dance. Because I cannot hear the music to it even though, I really want to dance.”

I felt Kei’s hand touch my chin and moved my head facing him, then he let go. “Mimi, just believe, okay? Come on, I will lead you.” I got confused, he then laughed. He stood up; “Can I have this dance, Mimi?” he asked me, while giving me a hand. I got startled and stared at his hand then at him. He beamed at me.

The next thing I knew, we were on our way walking towards the dance floor. I got more nervous than before. No, I think this is a bad idea. Kei and I were facing each other already, ready to dance, I think? I only have little knowledge in dancing. I really think this is a bad idea. I looked at Kei. “Don’t worry. Just relax, Mimi. Follow my lead and I won’t let you down. I promise.”

Then, we started moving! To me, it felt like dancing in space, in total silence. I looked at other people. It’s true, all of us were dancing but I wasn’t feeling what they were feeling. I really felt like crying at that time. I was looking down at our feet.

But Kei was there. He lifted my head, “Mimi.” He smiled at me, “Just look at me.” I don’t know but at that time, when I was with Kei, seeing him smiling at me makes me wanna smile, as well. No, we were not moving; we were dancing, I can feel it now. As long as it’s Kei, I feel like I’m dancing with accompanied music.

That’s me; Aoi Mimiko. I came from a noble family, but sometimes, I feel that I’m not because of my hmm, ‘impurities and imperfections’ as being a member of that kind of family. Don’t judge a book by its cover, though. It may not seem like that but I am actually deaf. But even so, I have a skill in lip reading and I am very confident about that. Not only that, I can speak different spoken languages. That’s why other people, especially the ones who had a first meeting with me who doesn’t know the truth, will never notice that I am really deaf. But, I wasn’t born deaf, actually. I had an accident before I reached 8; I fell from our balcony and hit my head. The balcony wasn’t that high and nothing seem to be injured around my head, it just... it affected my hearing ever since then.

It felt like the party ended soon. I don’t want the day to end, I think this will be the last time I’ll ever see him. Right now, I feel relieved that I did come to Kimi’s birthday and that I am not regretting every single second that happened tonight. It felt so magical that it feels like it wasn’t true. I knew it; I should have collected those table napkins! I laughed at my sudden stupidity, I never felt this way before and I know it never will again so maybe I should be before it last. I sighed but then smiled. This experience was worth it, though.

Suddenly, I felt something touching my hand. When I turned around, it was Kei! I saw him putting something on my hand, while staring at him. “See you around, Mimi.” He smiled. He walked backward a little then paused for a couple of seconds. Then, he walked towards me again until he was so close to me; he might feel my heart pounding. He touched the back of my head and moved it towards him then I felt his soft kiss that made me stunned. He laughed as he looked at my reaction and he left.

When I came back to my senses, I looked at what I was holding. It was a table napkin. As I read it, I gasped, so surprised. “Kei…”

It was at this moment, that I felt that even though we just met a while ago, when I’m with him and whenever I see him, I feel like I’m not deaf at all.

I actually heard… the sound of His silence… perfectly.

Actually, Kimi already told me that you were deaf a few days ago, Mimi. But thanks for telling me how you can speak and seem to understand what people are saying; I got confused there. Jaa ne. I had fun passing notes with you.


=Life is God's novel. Let Him write it.^^=

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27 November 2010 @ 04:04 pm
i'm Kristine Boone but please call me KYO , KYO-chan or KYOUMI-chan.
i would appreciate it if you would. arigatou!
I'm a JE fan & i love it.
i love Johnny's Junior especially Morimoto Shintarou & Otsuka Yuya. other Johnny's junior are not so bad too.
i love NewS esp. Keii-san .
I aslo love KAT-TUN. my ichiban there is Kamenashi. my niban is Tanaka. =]
I also love ARASHI
but i love most is Hey! Say! JUMP! and obviously Chinen Yuuri is my ichiban ne~. i also like Arioka Daiki, Okamoto Keito, Morimoto Ryutaro, & Inoo Kei but i still love all of them^^ Hey! Say! JUMP as a group made a huge difference in my life when i fisrt knew about them =] so practically, i owe everthing to them.hahaha...GAMBARE YO HEY! SAY! JUMP!!!

I want to have new friends so please don't hesitate to add me =]
to those who already added me, thanks^^
jya~ hope we'll get along..XD